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Sword Saga The Mount
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The Mount

There are lots of beautiful mounts in sword saga, they have powerful outlook and increase Battle Rating.


There are four sorts of mounts: white, green, blue, purple, they can increase Battle Rating 40/60/80/100 points and add the limit of the mount training for 10/15/20/25 points.

How to get?

Buy with Balen in the Shop, exchange in the crypt shop or the month event, or synthesize them in the Blacksmith.


There is certain chance to receive Mount Shard and Magic Shard during the mount training.(Bigger chance by keep training when the attribute reach the max)

Before you synthesize the mount in the Blacksmith., you need to learn the recipes from Smith who is in Thomahord.(Tip: the recipes are expensive, make sure you have enough gold,lol)

When you receive the enghou shards, you can synthesize the powerful mount in the Blacksmith.

Tip: there are two kinds of recipes to synthesize the white/green/blue mount: A, Synthesize with mount shards. B, Synthesize with magic shards and magic stone(exchange from the crypt shop). 

The purple mount only can synthesize with the mount shards.

 More info: www.swordsaga.com

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