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Sword Saga Battle Ground
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To loot the Crystal in Glorious Plains, Greescar Kingdom and Valpotter Empire decide to hire the Mercenary fighting for this. Join Battle Ground(called for short: BG) as a kingdom warrior/Empire warrior, loot the Crystal or kill the enemies.

Once you finish the BG quest(Lvl.17), then you can join BG through the BG button.(if you can not find the question, then find More who is in Freeden Town and talk to him, then reload the game.)


There are 10 times of BG every day you can join, but only can receive the Insignia in the first four times(200%,100%,100%,50%), every BG last for 45 minutes or clean the enemy's points.
Tip: Kill the enemies(not npc) can clean the enemy's points.

Crystal Mine:

There are two Crystal Mines in the middle of the BG, you can carry the mine to your Resource Officer.
A Mine can restore 1 - 5 points of your side and your HP, you also get a buff.
Tip: kill the enemy who carrys the mine can break the crystal, then the enemy only can get 1 points of his side .


A big sangreal is settled in the middle of BG, it is the most important resource in BG, and every BG has three sangreals, the system will announce it 1 minute earlier than the sangreal comes out.
Loot and melt the sangreal can restore 300 points of your side, but melt the sangreal need 20 seconds, if your enemy defeats you when you're carrying the sangreal, he will get the sangreal and keep melting.(the winner in the sangreal battle will has few second invincible)
Tip: work together, challenge the higher BR enemies to make sure the guy who is carrying the sangreal safe.


Buff in BG, one level Buff can increase your attack and hp limit by 10%, can be stacked up to level 20.
Carry a mine/be killed by enemy(not npc) one time can add one level buff, the points of your side are lower than 600 or 300 points can add few level buffs and restore your hp(once in every BG).

Cross-server points:

Only get from killing the enemy in BG.(keep killing the same enemy will get less points till 0 point)
Every Saturday 00:00, the Cross-server points will be cleaned, before that you can get a Glory Plain Chest if your Cross-server points reaches 1,000.(less than 1,000 will get nothing). Check your points from Cross-server Ranking.


Receive mass Insignia and Exp from BG.


Do nothing in BG more than 10 minutes, you will be kicked out from BG.
Leave BG before it is end will receive nothing and not allow to join BG in 5 minutes.

More info: www.swordsaga.com

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